Berks Catholic Tuition Assistance Program


At Berks Catholic, we have an offering of a Tuition Assistance Program where individual families have the power to reduce the cost of their tuition costs!  How can I save money on my tuition?  We are partnered with the Great Lakes Scrip Program as well as several local food chains to offer families the opportunity to purchase Gift Cards for their regular family purchases.  When you purchase any of the over 700 Gift Cards, there is a tuition credit applied to each that varies from 1.5% to 25% - you will receive a tuition credit on all Gift Cards purchased!  Successful families have generated hundreds of dollars in tuition credit!  Please join us to start saving on your tuition today!


Scrip is a powerful fundraising tool because families generate revenue through purchases they would make anyway. Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, even gasoline can be purchased with scrip. For example if you purchase Giant Gift Cards at a 5% rebate to use for food and gas at $750 per month, over the course of a year you will earn over $400 in Tuition Rebates!  Add other Gift Cards purchases for other stores and for family members and you will quickly have more tuition credit!  This Tuition Assistance Program is as powerful as you make it – use a few Gift Cards save a little; use Gift Cards for regular purchases and save a lot!


How can you get started earning Tuition Assistance? The easiest way is to go the website.  You will create an account under the Family Sign- up link (the BCHS Enrollement Code: 91E841C821L8L). It’s that easy! Once you have created your family account you will be able to shop for gift cards at any of the hundred of offerings.  Your order is transmitted to the Shop with Scrip coordinator and processed on our ordering day; which is Monday. Payment for your gift card order can be sent in to the school attention of Mrs. Young, Financial Coordinator or you can set up with Presto-Pay that links directly with your checking account and will process your payment for a nominal fee of $.39. You will receive all your Tuition Rebates on a quarterly bases minus a 10% administrative fee to cover the program and shipping costs.  It is that simple to start earning Tuition Assistance throughout the year!  


Once you have opened your family account you may place your order on-line at  Full payment must be made on-line through Presto-Pay or to Berks Catholic by the Monday order date.  Any order not paid in full will be submitted on the next order date after payment is received.    Distribution of Gift Cards ordered will be as listed below; options are to pick them up at the main office or to give permission for your student to pick-up your order before leaving school.

 If you are currently on the Scrip e-mail list and are no longer associated with Berks Catholic please drop me a note and I will remove your name and e-mail from future contact.


Any questions or concerns please contact Donna Jack, 610-823-5119;