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Celebrating Holy Mass as a FAMILY

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Welcome to Berks Catholic High School

At Berks Catholic, the core of our mission is our four pillars God, Family, Academics and Fun which helps us shape the development of our students spiritually, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. 

Our Four Pillars
Priest preaching during mass

We are a Catholic high school that is welcoming and respectful of all faith traditions. Because we are Christ-centered, the value and dignity of every individual and all life is emphasized in all we do.

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Students stand with faculty members

An extraordinary sense of community is palpable at Berks Catholic as well. Holding true to Catholic and Christian tradition, students have a responsibility to one another, are accountable for their actions, and have a built in support system.

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Students working in a classroom on their iPads.

Caring, committed faculty challenge every student to realize their intellectual potential. In addition, each student receives individualized, college and career counseling from college admissions professionals.  

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Students' hands connecting in a circle.

At Berks Catholic High School, education extends beyond the classroom as our Saints are encouraged to develop their God given talents and abilities and discover their passions in every area of their lives.

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