•  National Honor Society
    2021-2022 Officers
    President:  Madeleine Piersol
    Vice-President:  Abigail Wolf
    Secretary:  Jillian Avadanian
    Treasurer:  Caroline Reedy

    Selection — Selection is open to students in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Students may not apply for membership; membership is granted only to those students selected by the faculty council.

    The selection procedure is as follows:

    1. Students’ academic records are reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility. Academic qualifications: GPA of 3.4, as approved by the Head of School. Students become eligible at the end of their sophomore or junior years. Maintenance of a GPA of 3.4 is mandatory to remain a member in good standing, if other criteria are met.
    2. Students who are eligible academically are notified and told that for further consideration for selection to the NHS Chapter they must complete the Student Activity Information Form along with a written essay, which must be returned by the specified date.
    Ms. Noelle Fromuth  - nfromuth@berkscatholic.org
    Mr. Tanner Schnovel - tschnovel@berkscatholic.org