Selection — Selection is open to students in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Students may not apply for membership; membership is granted only to those students selected by the faculty council.


    The selection procedure is as follows:


    1. Students’ academic records are reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility. Academic qualifications: GPA of 3.4, as approved by the Principal. Students become eligible at the end of their sophomore or Junior years. Maintenance of a GPA of 3.4 is mandatory to remain a member in good standing, if other criteria are met.
    2. Students who are eligible academically are notified and told that for further consideration for selection to the NHS Chapter they must complete the Student Activity Information Form, which must be returned by the specified date.
    3. Faculty members who have taught or worked with the student are invited to judge the candidates on the attributes of leadership, service and character. The faculty is provided with a description of these attributes as delineated by the national association. Faculty must vote using the criteria of highly recommend, recommend, recommend with reservation or not recommend. Additional comments are encouraged to better describe the rationale for each teacher’s judgment.
    4. All information is then carefully processed, weighted according to the teachers’ judgment and weighted according to the number of teacher votes cast.
    5. Each student is additionally required to have participated in a minimum of five activities during their time at Berks Catholic High School. Three of the activities must be school-related.
    6. The final scores are then presented to the Department Chairpersons of the school. Candidates are discussed individually and a recommendation is given to the Principal, who makes the final decision.
    7. Please note the above procedures are consistent with the guidelines as established by the national association. The selection process is monitored very carefully with due consideration for appropriate confidentiality and the feelings of the candidates. The moderators of this serious selection process will handle these matters with the delicate manner that such requires.
    8. A National Honor Society member who transfers from this school will be given a letter, signed by the Principal, indicating the status of his/her membership.
    9. A National Honor Society member who transfers to this school will be automatically accepted for membership in this chapter. This transfer member must maintain the membership requirements for this chapter in order to retain his/her membership.