•  English IV:  Position Paper



    Materials Required:

        --loose leaf paper

        --pocket folder (multiple pockets suggested

        --blue/black pen and pencils

    Text Books

        --Prentice Hall Literature: The British Tradition

        --Writer’s Inc.

        --Vocabulary Workshop Level H (Sadlier Oxford) Level H:  AP English and Honors English

        --Advanced Word Power (Townsend Press): CP English


        --work must be submitted on assigned day and at beginning of period.

                            In the case of home printer problems, email to the instructor and bring in a hard

                            copy the following day.

                            Emailed submission of work should be the exception, not the rule.

        --late essays and homework

                            1 day late:  10 pt deduction

                            2 days late: 50 pt deduction

        --research papers/projects: includes all major extensive projects and papers

                            These assignments will NOT be accepted late, even if a student is absent.

                            If a student is absent on the day a major assignment is due, he/she may submit the

                            work by sending it to the instructor via email or sending it in with another student.

    Absentee Policy

        --each student is responsible for all missed class work and assignments:

                         check MMS for homework assignments

        --makeup work  must be scheduled on the student’s own time

        --makeup work must be completed within 2 days of the student’s return to school

        --missed classes do affect a student’s quarter grade: see “grading policy” below

    Grading Policy

        --numerical value (points) will be assigned to all work

        --work not submitted will receive a “0”

        --plagiarized work will receive a “0”


        Students are expected to be present in class. Beyond three absences, 3 points per day will be

         deducted from the student’s quarter grade.