• Berks Catholic Tuition Assistance Program

    At Berks Catholic, we offer a Tuition Assistance Program where individual families have the power to reduce the cost of their tuition costs! How can I save money on my tuition? We are partnered with the Great Lakes Scrip Program to offer families the opportunity to purchase Gift Cards for their regular family purchases. When you purchase any of the over 700 Gift Cards, there is a tuition credit applied to each that varies from 1.5% to 25% - you will receive a tuition credit on all Gift Cards purchased!  Successful families have generated hundreds of dollars in tuition credit! 

    Groceries, clothing, gifts, even gasoline can be purchased with scrip.  Extended families and friends can also establish an account to help aid your student!  This Tuition Assistance Program is as powerful asyou make it – use a few Gift Cards save a little; use Gift Cards for regular purchases and save a lot!


    How can you get started earning Tuition Assistance?

    • The easiest way is to go  ShopwithScrip.com
    • Create a Family Account -  Please contact Donna Jack at mommajack.dj@gmail.com to create an account.
    • Sign up for Presto-Pay! A direct link to your checking account for immediate payment on orders makes Scrip Now opportunities printable in minutes. There is a $.15 fee per payment
    • Check orders and payments are due to the main office by noon on Friday
    • Presto-Pay orders are due by noon on Monday
    • Orders ready for Pick-Up Friday after 2pm.  Stop in the office or have your student pick-up on way to bus!!
    • Tuition Credits applied to FACTS account Jan, April and July. (Credit is your full rebate earnings for the period minus a 10% administrative fee to cover the program and shipping costs.)
    • All rebates are ONLY USED FOR TUITION AND FEES. There are no refunds for rebates if you graduate or dis-enroll at Berks Catholic; we recommend gifting your unused rebates to a needy family.




    Donna Jack, Scrip Coordinator, mommajack.dj@gmail.com; 610-823-5119