• What is the Berks Catholic Annual Fund? 
    The Berks Catholic Annual Fund is a program that creates opportunities for the students of Berks Catholic that would not be available otherwise. It has a significant impact in providing financial aid and scholarships to deserving students, and in creating and sustaining academic programs and extracurricular activities that further develop our young men and women. It is the best way possible for all constituencies to help make a financial difference in the future of Berks Catholic.
    When Should I Make My Annual Gift?
    The fiscal year for Berks Catholic runs July 1 through June 30.  All gifts in a given year must be received by June 30.
    How Will My Gift Make a Difference?

    Some people think that unless they can participate at a "major" gift level, it is not worth contributing to The Annual Fund.  This is a common misperception.  Regardless of size, all gifts to The Annual Fund make a difference.  Each year, we rely on the ongoing support of all alumni, parents and friends at all giving levels.
    Why is the Berks Catholic Annual Fund necessary?
    Tuition simply cannot cover all of the opportunities that are needed for a well rounded education. The Annual Fund is necessary to enrich academic and student programs, faculty development, the overall physical plant and provide financial aid and scholarships to families who otherwise would not have the opportunity for a Berks Catholic education.

    Why not just raise tuition, rather than solicit gifts?

    Raising tuition is necessary each year, but we know it will not solve the ongoing needs the school faces to grow the educational opportunities available.  Most schools and other non-profits rely upon an annual giving model to sustain their programs.

    Who is asked to participate?

    Alumni, current parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty and staff and friends are all asked to participate at the level appropriate for them. It is an easy way for all constituencies to provide an opportunity to the next generation of deserving young men and women.

    What are giving societies?

    Giving societies provide an opportunity for all donors to be recognized and acknowledged at the level of their generosity to Berks Catholic. Giving societies are a method of securing a number of gifts at all levels.

    What are matching gifts?

    Many employers will match your donation to a charity. It is a way for the company to encourage and recognize their employees' giving while also participating. For recognition purposes through giving societies, Berks Catholic gives full credit to the donor for any gift made that is matched by an employer. Information about your matching gift program can often be obtained through your human resources office.


    Is my donation tax deductible?

    YES, YES, YES!!! Gifts to Berks Catholic are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by law, and gifts may be made in the form of cash, check, or stock transfer.

    Why me?
    At a time when there are many requests for your charitable dollar, we believe in our unique mission and your gift to Berks Catholic will truly make a difference in the life of our school and the lives of the young men and women who attend Berks Catholic.