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Why I Choose BC ...

We chose Berks Catholic for the academic rigor and safe environment."
-Claire Polinsky

The pillars of the school align with the pillars of our family: God, Family, Academics, Fun."
-Steven Rose

Berks Catholic Admissions Procedures for Transfer Students

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Transfer students and families:   A transfer is any student coming from any public, private, home or cyber-school that is not one of the eight Partner Schools of the Diocese of Allentown.  Berks Catholic High School encourages academically qualified high school students to apply for admission.   

All students are required to follow the Formal Admissions Procedure listed on front page of the application. 

Please note- completion of the application/ registration form does not constitute registration and acceptance. 

  • The Admissions Team looks closely at an applicant's involvement in their current school and community.
  • Failing grades might eliminate an applicant from consideration.
  • Student Discipline and Attendance records are considered for admission. Accepted students involved in disciplinary situations after acceptance to Berks Catholic and prior to Orientation day are subject to having the offer of admission rescinded.


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