• Teenagers are often faced with problems, pressures and stress.   Often times you need someone to share your thoughts, feelings and actions.  The primary receivers of such information are usually your fellow peers: friends, classmates, teammates.  In its commitment to the development of the whole person in a Christ-centered community of faith, Berks Catholic High School has established a Peer Listening Program called "Helping Our Peers Everyday"(HOPE). 
    HOPE is a group that assumes teenagers are more inclined to communicate with their peers, than with adults.  It also affirms that many of today's teens are capable of listening to their fellow teenagers.  Peer Listeners receive professional training to enable them to be good peer listeners.  This training occurs during the summer and is sponsored by the Diocesan Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry.  HOPE members are not professional counselors.  Their primary function is to act as listening agents.  The training process that each member participated in prepared them for their service in this group.