• Berks Catholic School Absence Form
     The following procedure is to be followed when your child is absent from school:

     Daily Notification:  When a student is ill, it is necessary that the parent/guardian notify the school attendance line (ext. 400) by 9:00 AM.  Communication with the parents is specifically intended for the child’s protection.

     Written Excuses:   The Standard School Absence Form is to be given to the Main Office within 3 days upon returning from an absence.  Additional forms are available in the Main Office.

     Doctor’s Note:  Students who are absent for 3 or more days must have a doctor’s excuse.  A doctor’s excuse must also accompany the absentee note in the following situations, regardless if the student is absent only one day or more than one day:
          Communicable Diseases – Measles, Whooping Cough, Strep Throat,  Impetigo, Ring Worm, Scabies and Mononucleosis.

     Early Dismissals:  Permission for early dismissals should be requested only in a case of emergency.  All appointments with doctors, dentists, etc. should be made for times other than school hours when possible.  A student requesting to leave early must submit the Standard School Absence Form to the Main Office before homeroom, the student will be given a pass to leave class at the designated time.  At the designated time, the student will report to the Main Office and sign out.  A note from the doctor, dentist, etc. must be submitted to the Main Office the next morning verifying the appointment. Students who will be out of school for a planned absence must submit the Standard School Absence Form 24 hours before the scheduled absence.