• Frequently Asked Questions

    1.      Do I have to wear my uniform on the 1st day of school?
             Answer:  You must ALWAYS be in uniform for school unless you are notified of a dress down day.  Listen to announcements, as there are 'theme"                   dress down  days and directives for that particular dress down day. 
    2.      I can't find my BC shoes and I only have one pair, what do I wear?
             Answer:  Wear a similar school shoe and see Mr. Hess for a dress code pass.
    3.      Do I have to remove my nose ring for school? 
             Answer:  Yes, the only pierce jewelry allowed are earrings.
    4.      Where do I put my practice stuff?
             Answer:  In the locker room or your locker. 
    5.      Do I need to listen to the morning and afternoon announcements ?
              Answer:  Yes, important directives and announcements are said during the daily announcements.
    6.      What do I do if I am going to miss class because I am going on vacation?
             Answer:  Students should bring a note with the vacation dates to the Main Office, you will be given a vacation request form that is to be signed by                 your  teachers and returned to the Main Office 48 hours prior to your trip.  You are responsible for any missed work. 
    7.      Can I text my parents when I'm not feeling well?
             Answer:  No, you must get a pass from your teacher to see the nurse (if the nurse is unavailable see the Main Office).  The nurse or main office will               make the  necessary arrangements if needed.
    8.      Where do I pick up my mother's SCRIP?
             Answer:  SCRIP will be available for pick up after 2:30 on Friday's in the Main Office.
    9.      If I come in late or leave early for a doctor appointment, do I need an excuse from the doctor's office?
             Answer:  Yes, and it will count as an excused late or dismissal.
    10.    Where do I report if I am late for school?  
             You are considered late after the 7:50AM bell rings, students must report to the Main Office for a late pass.  Unless a student has a doctor's note, the             student will  be issued a detention.
    11.    If a friend texts me and asks me to open one of the doors to let them in after school has started - is that okay?
             Answer:  NO, due to security once school is in session only the main entrance is to be used.
    12.   Who do I talk to about Service Hours?
             Answer:  Students should see Mrs. Hartline regarding service hours. 
    13.   Who do I talk to about a teacher I am having an issue with?
             Answer:  Students should see Mrs. Einolf for any issues with a teacher or class.
    14.   I am not catholic, do I still need to do a retreat?  attend Mass?
            Answers:  Yes, all students are obligated to serve one retreat per year and attend Holy Mass as a school. 
    15.   Who do I go to if I'm being mistreated or harassed by another student?
             Answer:  See Mr. Hess, Mrs. Kase or any other administrator or faculty member.
    16.   Do I need a pass to go to the library? 
             Answer:  Yes, you must get a pass before homeroom from the librarian.  Before reporting to the library, you must report to your study hall and show             your proctor  your library pass then report to the library. 
    17.    Can I walk throught the halls without a pass?
             Answer:  No, you must have a hall pass.
    18.    Can I use my cell phone in between classes?
              Answer:  No, cell phones may only be used during lunch in the cafeteria.  Cell phones or other electronic devices may be confiscated at a teachers                  discretion if used other than at lunch. Confiscated items may be retrieved at the end of the day in the library  with a $10.00 fine.
    19.     Is it okay to Facebook, Tweet, Instagram or use any other kind of social media site regarding another student that is hurtful or harmful in any way?
              Answer:  No
    20.    Can I get in trouble for posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media site?
    21.   Can I eat in the library, hallways or stairwells?
             No, food is only permitted in the cafeteria. 
    22.   Can I bring a beverage to school with me?
             Only sealed beverages are permitted in your lunch bag for lunch time.  No outside beverages are allowed to be carried in the hallways (i.e.  coffee,                 soda, water ottles, milkshakes).  Students are NOT permitted to bring beverages of any kind to enjoy in homeroom at the start of the day.
    23.   My ride doesn't come until after 3PM, am I allowed to roam the building?  Where should I wait? 
             Answer:  Students waiting for their rides are not allowed to roam the building, they must wait in the front vestibule.
    24.   What is Berks Catholic's website? 
             Answer:  www.berkscatholic.org, please get in the habit of visiting our website daily as information is updated daily.  
    25.   Who should I follow on Twitter?
             Answer:  For information on BC follow: 
                                                       @HaloBC- student body
                                                       @TonyBalistrere - Mr. Tony Balistrere, Principal
                                                       @CollegeDitsky - Mr. Josh Ditsky, College and Career Counseling
                                                       @WeAreBC55 - Mr. Bill Hess, Athletic Director 

    For detailed information on the above, please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook located on the Student/Parent tab on our website.