• Nurse Information and Forms
    610-374-8361 ext. 237
    Mrs. Jill Avadanian, RN
    Mrs. Alayna Witmyer, RN
    A nurse is in the health room daily, students should report to the nurse if they have an illness or injury. If a nurse is not available students should report to the school office.  Students should not be texting parents to pick them up without seeing the nurse or Main Office if the nurse is unavailable.
    Pennsylvania law states that medications can only be dispensed by a licensed professional in a school. If your child is in need of any medications they must be given by the school nurse. If your child is prescribed medication to be taken during the school day please complete the necessary forms, found on the Berks Catholic Website.
    If you child requires an epipen or an inhaler, please complete the appropriate forms and return them to the school by the beginning of the year. Inhalers may be carried by the student, however, it is important for the nurses to know who has inhalers in the case of emergencies. Carrying epipens is also permissible; however, this needs to be discussed with the nurse prior to the student carrying the pen. 
    State law requires students to have a Physical Exam in 10thgrade on file in the school. A sports physical will fulfill this requirement. If your child has not had a sports physical please make arrangements with your physician and provide a copy of the physical to the nurse. 
    Please feel free to contact the nurse at anytime regarding questions or concern about your child’s health or any additional needs they may have.