• Planning Committee for Middle States Accreditation

    The Planning Committee has met several times over the course of the year to prepare for the Middle States Accreditation process. They have worked closely with the faculty, helping to create the Mission Statement, Belief Statements and the Graduate Profile of Berks Catholic. The Planning Committee is a composite of Berks Catholic’s stakeholders. The members of this committee are: 


    Internal Coordinators: William Davis, Georjean Jones

                  Debra Hannahoe and Suzanne Kase

    Principal – Tony Balistrere

    Vice Principal – Alice Einolf

    Faculty: Michael Ricco, Joseph Shidisky, Dave Stahler

    Staff: Steve Gass

    Alumni:Tyler Hafer, '11

    Parents: Rhonda Hanley, Sharon Lala

    Board of Directors: Dr. Natalie Parisi

    Partner School Principal: Mrs. Kathy Napolitano

    Students: Tomas Aguilar, Charlie Simcik. Nicole Marcano,