Absence Forms
Students must present a written excuse from a parent/guardian to Main Office upon returning to class.  Any student who is absent 3 or more days in succession or has a prolonged illness, or is absent intermittently over an extended period of time must submit a doctor's excuse upon returning.
This form will serve as notice to the teachers that a student will be absent due to family vacation, college visit or a school sponsored event.
PIAA Athletic Transfer Form. - Please complete Sections 2 & 3 and sign the top of page 2.  Submit all four pages to Main Office, forms will then be submitted by Berks Catholic.
PIAA Sport Physical Form - All students participating in any Athletic Sport must have a PIAA Physical Form on file.
PIAA Recertification Form- Students who have a PIAA Physical Form on file need only complete the Recertification Form for participating in a new sport.
Any questions please call the Athletic Department at 610-374-8361 ext. 225. 
Bus Transportation 
Please click here for a copy of BC Act 372 Request for Bus Transportation: Request for Bus Transportation
Please return the completed form to Berks Catholic.  Forms may be mailed, faxed (610-374-4309) or emailed to klewars@berkscatholic.org.  Please be advised several districts require Proof of Residency.  Please call the Main Office for additional information.
Public School Bus Transportation Contacts:  Click on the link for info on contacting your public transportation department.  Any questions regarding pick up and/or drop off should be handled directly with the public school district transportation department.
Field Trip Permission Form
Field trips are periodically used to enrich the curriculum.  Students will not be allowed to go on trip without the Field Trip Permission Form completed and signed by the student and parent.  Any questions please contact the moderator of the school trip.  
Health Forms
Listed below are forms from the Health Room, if you have any questions or need additional information please contact the Nurse's Office at 610-374-8361 ext. 237.
Nursing Staff
Mrs. Tara Stricker
Mrs. Jill Avadanian
Mrs. Carol Noga
Physical Exam Form (do not use for Athletics)
Parking Permit
Students who drive to school and park on the school property must complete a Parking Permit Application.  Cost is $25.00, please return completed application and fee to Mr. Hess after August 1, 2016 for the 2016-2017 school year.
Every Catholic high school in the Diocese of Allentown is required to participate in a community service program.  The Campus Ministry office oversees the community service program at Berks Catholic.  Service rendered by the student should be either church or community based.  Opportunities for community service are made known throughout the school.  Prior approval by the Campus Ministry Office is necessary before engaging in the service activity.  Favors for family members, friends, individual projects, or compensated service will not qualify toward fulfilling the requirement. 

Number of community service hours required at Berks Catholic:


  •                Grade 9 minimum of  5 hours
  •                Grade 10 minimum of 10 hours
  •                Grade 11 minimum of 10 hours
  •                Grade 12 minimum of 10 hours


Student Assistance Program (SAP)
The primary goal of the the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to aid students in overcoming barriers to their academic success. A SAP referral can address students who exhibit behavioral/mental health issues, face illness or disability, have chronic attendance problems, have difficulty with academics, have family or peer issues, use/abuse substances, suffer from trauma associated with exposure to violence.
Student Data Change Form
As soon as possible after a change of address and/or telephone number (home, work and/or cell) has occurred, a student must bring to the Main Office notification of the new information in writing.  If a change in parish is involved, please meet with the pastor of the new church to arrange for parish subsidy.  Especially in the case of an emergency, it is imperative that the new phone numbers(s) for home, work and cell are on file in the Main Office.  For your convenience, please complete the Student Data Change Form and return to the Main Office.
Student Change Form