Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Please note the 2020-2021 Student Handbook was setup as a normal school year.  Because of guidelines set forth by the CDC and the PA Department of Health & Education, we have revised individual policies and procedures for the foreseeable future (these guidelines were sent to you earlier in the year).  They are also subject to change based upon revision of CDC’s guidelines.  Please take note of the following:



    If a student is not in school on their scheduled Cohort Day – they must be called in by a parent at 610-374-8361 X400.  This will count as an absence if student is not called in by a parent.  Students in Cohorts A/B are expected to be in school on their assigned day.   It is very difficult for teachers when students are zooming in and should be in the classroom.  If you have changed your mind and wish to have your student go All Virtual please inform us via email (jlatchum@berkscatholic.org ). Please do not email the teacher of your absence – the Main Office must be notified.  If a student is not called in the student will be marked with an unexcused absence.  



    Virtual students are expected to Zoom onto all classes.  If your child is absent, please call 610-374-8361 X400 to report their absence. Teachers will be taking attendance.  Students not logged on Zoom will be marked with an unexcused absence unless a parent has called the student in sick.  

    When calling your student absent please give the following information:

    • Student Name
    • Student Grade/Cohort
    • Reason for absence (if sick please specify the nature of the illness).
    • Phone number where you can be reached for any questions.

    Depending upon the nature of the illness, a doctor’s note may be required to return to school.


    Sick at School

    If your student becomes sick throughout the day, he/she will be sent to the nurse immediately.  The nurse will then contact you to determine if you need to pick them up.

    Students MUST see the nurse if they are feeling ill.  They will NOT be allowed to call/text their parents and come directly to the main office to be picked up.  They must be seen by the school nurse.  Your cooperation with this policy will be greatly appreciated.  



    Appointments throughout the day requiring a student to leave school and then return are strongly discouraged.  If an appointment needs to be scheduled during the school day, please see the following:


    • Please have student bring a note to the main office signed by the parent/guardian requesting your student leave and what time they will be leaving.  
    • When you arrive to pick up your student, please ring bell and identify yourself and who you are picking up.  Student will be sent down to you.
    • Student should have a copy of the doctor’s note.


    • Parent please contact the main office and inform them what time they will be logging off.
    • Upon returning from the appointment please contact the office with the time they are signing back in.
    • Email a copy of the doctor’s note.



    Drop-offs throughout the day will NOT be allowed.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



    Saints Mask (which were provided) will be required at ALL times in the building except when:

    • Eating/Drink

    End of Day Dismissal

    Students MUST be out of the school building and picked up no later than 3pm every day.  For everyone’s safety, we cannot allow students to congregate after school.


    Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding during these times.